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Lisa Pratt Photography - Nature Photographer in Longmont, Colorado

Lisa was born and raised in Ohio.  Although she loves Ohio, she knew she wanted to explore and live in another place in her lifetime.  She wanted to live in a place in which she she could always be in nature (her favorite place to be). 

Nearly two years ago, Lisa and her husband, Brian, moved to Colorado and they have found their home.

While eating dinner with her husband a few years ago, they talked about what she would do next in her life.  They decided to pursue a certain step on her path that she knew wasn't the final step but, it felt right in that she knew it was the next step she needed to take to get her to where she ultimately wanted to be.

Photography was this place.

Through nature and photography, she is grounded into life - it allows her to slow down and take in all of the beauty in this world.  Photography allows her to share her love of nature with others.

Her expression through photography comes from her heart and she now shares her heart with you...

"From My Heart To Yours"

Lisa Pratt Photography